Thursday, March 24, 2011

Affirmations - A Daughters Perspective

My Daughter is so amazing. This 7 year old has a perspective on life that is so positive that it emits light all over the ones that encounter her. She decided to write a book of chapters and even though she does not know what the next chapter will be she is writing it and has finished her first chapter.
In the past few weeks I have read or watched a lot of videos based around affirmations and positivity in all situations. I can even remember when I had a positivity and lots of hope and I feel her love and excitment. I also believe in affirmations. Simply live your affirmations through subconscious energy! Amazing.
I want to share my daughters first chapter of her book. To preface, we are planting a garden in the back yard. It's a small yard but we are very ambitious with our plans. She is very involved and wants to plant something in the ground every day. She has even tried to plant trees! Here is her story:

Chapter 1: Gardens
This year our Garden is going to be the best one ever! It is going to have flowers, fruit, and veggies. Me, Lilly, Mommy, and Daddy are planting it. Together we will finish it all. It will be absolutely perfect. I think that nobody will ever have a better garden than us.
Bees and bugs love our garden. We will have lots of stuff to eat this year. Our garden is like a dream come true. Since our garden is so beautiful now it will be even more beautiful in the summer.
Flowers are so beautiful.We are going to have lots. I love gardens.They are so beautiful with flowers in them. Gardens can have peas, okra, and apples. Can you believe that?! I have okra in my garden.
It takes alot of work to plant a garden. Every garden in the world is perfect. A garden is the best thing a person could have. Gardens can even have trees in them!
To grow a garden, first plant a seed and then water it. Then let it grow. A tree that had flowers, now it had leaves. Now I know that things change all the time.

Her chapter 2 is titled "Our House". I can't wait to read it.
As she states so well, "Every garden in the world is perfect". I tend to agree. :-D


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  1. Our daughter is simply amazing :) What an awesome love she emits!


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