Thursday, March 24, 2011

Affirmations - A Daughters Perspective

My Daughter is so amazing. This 7 year old has a perspective on life that is so positive that it emits light all over the ones that encounter her. She decided to write a book of chapters and even though she does not know what the next chapter will be she is writing it and has finished her first chapter.
In the past few weeks I have read or watched a lot of videos based around affirmations and positivity in all situations. I can even remember when I had a positivity and lots of hope and I feel her love and excitment. I also believe in affirmations. Simply live your affirmations through subconscious energy! Amazing.
I want to share my daughters first chapter of her book. To preface, we are planting a garden in the back yard. It's a small yard but we are very ambitious with our plans. She is very involved and wants to plant something in the ground every day. She has even tried to plant trees! Here is her story:

Chapter 1: Gardens
This year our Garden is going to be the best one ever! It is going to have flowers, fruit, and veggies. Me, Lilly, Mommy, and Daddy are planting it. Together we will finish it all. It will be absolutely perfect. I think that nobody will ever have a better garden than us.
Bees and bugs love our garden. We will have lots of stuff to eat this year. Our garden is like a dream come true. Since our garden is so beautiful now it will be even more beautiful in the summer.
Flowers are so beautiful.We are going to have lots. I love gardens.They are so beautiful with flowers in them. Gardens can have peas, okra, and apples. Can you believe that?! I have okra in my garden.
It takes alot of work to plant a garden. Every garden in the world is perfect. A garden is the best thing a person could have. Gardens can even have trees in them!
To grow a garden, first plant a seed and then water it. Then let it grow. A tree that had flowers, now it had leaves. Now I know that things change all the time.

Her chapter 2 is titled "Our House". I can't wait to read it.
As she states so well, "Every garden in the world is perfect". I tend to agree. :-D


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daniel Berisford; The Puriat & Family

Hi! This is my first post on any Blog anywhere... EVER! I hope I do OK!

Raw Puriat is a conception of mine which came out of my love for art, creativity, individuality, compassion, environmentalism and expression. Puriat (pyoor-ee-uh t) is a word to describe the Raw Foodist, Living Foodist, Raw Vegan - The health conscious; The healthy. It silences the injudicious who concern all things radical with Vegan or Straight Edge. We are Puriat.

Currently, the Berisford Family (Daniel, Amanda & Kids [Caitlin and Lillian], and 2 Dogs and 1 Cat) are a transitioning family. High raw is the best way to describe us today. I, Daniel, am a very high % Puriat at about 95% (give or take a few). The rest of the family is doing well at coming up to speed. I became a Puriat through my own weight loss needs. Not right away however. Some other's stories begin with the Raw Food diet or Vegan diet but mine started with a weight loss plan aptly named and now infamous "The Eat Clean Diet" in 2007. The book began this craze about eating more "Clean". No, Alejandro Junger did not start the "Clean" craze even though his book "Clean" (2009) is exceptional. No, "Eating Clean" is described as reducing over-processed food for homemade, home cooked (or not cooked) smaller portions. This diet did include meat, dairy, cooking, and raw meals. Of course Puriat does not include meat or dairy in most situations. "The Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno is a major hit on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. It was very helpful for me. THAT'S RIGHT! It helped me lose my addictions to colas, sodas, foot-long sandwiches, foot-long hot dogs, foot-long banana splits and foot-long stomach bulges! Although not vegetarian or vegan (words I would never associate myself with back then) I was able to discipline my eating habits for a short period. After a few months off the disciplined diet and attending the gym I of course gained all of the weight back. Fortunately, I was exercising regularly and still on a path to find health.

Not long after gaining the weight back and continuing my workouts and running regimen, and meanwhile not losing weight, I saw a film that changed my wife Amanda and I; "Food, inc". Many of you foodies have seen this film. Some of you have not. I encourage you to rent it, order it, or download it on your Netflix account this instant. It's one of the most eye opening movies about what is served to us day in and day out in our daily lives. It's amazing. I want you to watch it for yourself. Like I said, most of you have seen this. It isn't new to foodies!

We watched "Food, inc." and found ourselves disgusted by our FDA, our leaders in government, and the companies that perpetrate duplicitous lies upon the public for their own benefit and greed. It left us in a mode of shell-shock! My mind wasn't ready for that... after all, we had only been told of it by a friend and had come across a movie trailer online.

When I returned home from that movie, and a few days passed, I began a search into more food like Documentaries so I could learn a bit more about what I had seen and been so stunned to learn. I found the next movie that would change our family; "Food Matters". "Food Matters" was a great movie about the denaturing of food with cooking and also GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Again, many of you reading this will already know this movie very well. One particular starring guest in the film is said to be the founder of the current Raw Food movement... David Wolfe. David Wolfe is a very inspiring figure with a confidence and knowledge of nutrition I had never seen. His energy projects through the media he is imprinted on. Many of you know just what I mean! Anyhow, the concept of Raw Foods had never crossed paths with me but finding out through this movie and David Wolfe (among others) that if I cooked food I lost 60%- 80% of the very nutrients I wanted to gain from fruits and vegetables was shocking... MIND BLOWING I should say!

Meanwhile, Amanda, my wife, was already busy changing us to Vegetarians! She is one of the most compassionate people I know and once the blinders to meat production and health were off and she could no longer follow tradition for traditions sake, she converted us to vegetarianism. The kids - 2 girls - embraced it. Our 2 year old has been known to yell out "We don't eat meat"! Whole Foods Market no longer saw us in the meat isle, fish isle, and saw much less of us in the dairy section. We were also concerned about hormones and drugs in our milk. Not for compassion at this point but for our health. We moved to commercial almond and coconut milk instantly. Some of you know the feeling to leave dairy in the DUST! It's a liberating feeling to be conservative!

Once our information converged we were hounds for information. Documentary after documentary, book after book, YouTube video after YouTube video, Podcast after Podcast... Vegetarian, Paleo, Vegan, Fruitarian, Raw Foodist... eventually we landed on Raw Vegan led by, as mentioned earlier, the passionate voice of David Wolfe. It matched our mission for health and also matched our newly awakened compassion for fellow planet LIFE. Raw Vegan (Puriat :-D) is the path we are on. A journey we will endure. A lifestyle of compassion, awakening, peace... Puriat is our pathway to a better world for the destined communities. I am an activist. I call and email my representatives daily. I am involved.Another rudimentary way to awaken minds is through advertising. Advertising is used as a tool to separate humans from time, energy, enjoyment, each other, and money for BILLIONS of people on this planet. It's about time we add another counter advertisement using ourselves! With clever Raw Puriat designs we plan to spread the conscious living lifestyle across the world! is the vision!

Our first designs "118 degrees", "105 degrees" and "Sprout" are available now on our site for $20! That's an all Organic tee! USPS flat rate shipping only adds $3! Amazing. Get yours today! In a week we will be releasing "Spirulize Me". Look for updates on that!
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Rockin Body!